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Our new mobile Scissorcrafts library is nearing completion.

New library, filled with fantastic image displays here,

  • Easy to navigate!
  • Searchable!
  • Enhanced image quality!
  • Large size image format!
  • New and Vastly improved images

peacock displayEarly Bird $1 special

Because Covid 19 crisis has negatively impacted us and so many other families, since our dust is not quite yet settled with this re-design, please accept a full year membership (regularly $15.00) for a small token of $1.00.

Note: When the crisis is lifted, prices will return to the regular $15.00 yearly subscription rates. Everyone with a current Scissorcrafts subscription will be added to this new membership site ASAP. If you want access now or faster, send an email pkelley9 @ gmail.com



The Duck and Bartender Bob

The Duck and Bartender Bob

A duck walks into a bar and asks bartender Bob, "Got any grapes?"

Bartender Bob, confused, tells the duck, "This is a bar. We serve booze to humans. Get the heck out of here."

The duck thanks him and waddles out the door.

The next day, the duck returns, jumps on the barstook and asks, "Got any grapes?"

Bartender Bob retorts "No, I told you yesterday, this is a bar, we don't serve grapes, we never serve grapes, and furthermore, will never serve grapes. Get oyut of here"

The duck thanks him and waddles out the door.

The next day, the duck returns, hops onto the barstool, but before he can say anything, the bartender interrupts,

Bartender Bob pounds his finger onto the bar for emphasis,"Listen, duck! This is a bar! We do not serve grapes! If you come in here asking for grapes agai I will nail your noisy little duck beak to this bar!"

The duck goes silent for a moment, then asks, "Got any nails?"

Furious, Bartender Bob, shreiks "No! This is not a hardware store, this is a bar! We serve booze to human beings!"

The duck says. "Got any grapes?"