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akward introsiconA Good Speech Needs a Good Introduction

One problem many Toastmaster groups face is when a scheduled speaker neglects to write a proper introduction to give to the Toastmaster and Speech Evaluator before the meeting begins.

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Toastmasters, have some fun once in a while to prod speakers into remembering this important step.

When a speaker neglects to provide a speech introduction, use these teaser introductions for a laugh.

Make up a few of your own!

  1. Last time she gave a speech she drew a line 3 blocks long – until they took her chalk away.
  2. If you saw Titanic or Hunger Games, our next speaker probably saw them too. (you can insert any popular movie)
  3. Here's a speaker about whom president (insert president name) said “Who is he?”
  4. Here's a person who has made quite a name for herself, unfortunately, we don't use words like that in Toastmasters
  5. I bring you the world's greatest public speaker, storyteller, and the person who wrote this intro...

I guarantee the next time the scheduled speaker will remember this good-natured ribbing.

If not, keep em coming till they do!